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5 reasons Why you need a pool in your back yard now!

Many people dream of having a pool in their backyard. Deciding to take the big step and become an inground pool owner can be easier if you understand why you need a Nicholas Pool in your backyard.

A swimming pool will benefit you and your family because…

  • It will bring your family together. If you are craving to find an activity everyone loves and can enjoy together then swimming is for you. Young or old people love to swim, lounge and play in the pool. You can teach your kids how to swim, challenge them to a game of Marco Polo, dive in, race underwater or just lie on a float and star gaze. Whatever you decide to do you will be happy for the opportunity to unplug and have fun together. Being able to step outside and enjoy without having to pack, get into the car, and sit in traffic, fight for a parking spot and pay to get to the beach. You can invite family and friends to enjoy your own private oasis.
  • A healthier you. If you need to burn off some extra calories there is nothing more enjoyable then exercising in your own pool. No need to drive to the gym when you have a pool in your backyard. Easy on the joints and fun, swimming and water aerobics are excellent ways to stay fit and healthy. Building muscles and cardio can all be done in the pool.
  • Relaxation. Nothing can compare to having your own backyard paradise. A place where you can look forward to coming home to. Your own backyard “staycation” all summer long, have the luxury of being able to lounge by the pool. You will be allowing yourself to de-stress by soaking up the sun and the tranquility. Swimming cools you off in the summer and will help relax muscles to give you a better night sleep.
  • Party. A pool creates the perfect opportunity to have friends and family gather around for a party. Birthdays, Holidays, Graduations and other special occasions can be celebrated around the pool. A pool party is an excellent opportunity to show off your backyard. The ambiance or fun will create the perfect environment to party easily becoming the envy of all the neighbors. Adding a grill or hot tub to the patio will elevate your status as party central. Become the block’s grill master and the family hero.
  • Increased home value. Your property is an investment, adding an in-ground pool, patio, hot tub, outdoor kitchen and lighting will not only help build memories that will last a lifetime but will also help add value to your home. Remember your outdoor space in an expansion to your home. Having the ability to enjoy the outdoors together with friends and family and providing a safe environment for everyone to get together that promotes health and happiness is invaluable and will enhance your home’s value.