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Hot Tubs

Searching for stress relief? Dimension One Spas provide you with the ability to relax and unwind after a long day.


2022 – 2023 Spa Brochures

Download these .pdf spa brochures!

main-hottubsAvailable in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs, each of these models is suitable for your family’s enjoyment.

Step outside your fast-paced life and into the soothing, effervescent waters of your new Dimension One Spas™. Now offering two distinct series and more than a dozen models, the Dimension One line has the perfect fit for every spa enthusiast. Built to last and designed for comfort, Dimension One spas offer everything discerning spa owners crave. Ample room and first-class amenities make for a winning combination while high performance pumps and a wide range of jets ensure a unique hyrdotherapy massage.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, the Dimension One line will bring a sense of beauty to your backyard and a sense of serenity to your life. See below for specific model information.


The Bay Collection

Water holds the power to invigorate the spirit, replenish the soul, refresh the mind and relax the body. It can help wash away tension, rekindle romance and ignite your passions. This combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge has waited centuries to find its sublime expression in D1 Bay Collection portable spas.

The Bay Collection represents the ultimate in luxury, style, and performance. Its unique interplay of water, light, and sound, gently soothes the body while it relaxes the mind. One look and you’ll know, this is like no other spa in the world.


Sarena Bay
The Sarena Bay is the most luxurious hot tub in the world. Unlike ordinary, square hot tubs, its patented, curvilinear design will add an eye-catching centerpiece to your backyard retreat. A pair of “His and Her” UltraLounges® each equipped with a programmable Dynamic Massage Sequencer offers a professional, day-spa massage.


Amore Bay
Imagine your own peaceful paradise where you and your soulmate share private moments together, igniting new passions or re-igniting old. This warm water Shangri-La features the transformative use of lights, sights, sounds and colors to evoke a transcendent hot tub experience unlike any other.


Dupree Bay
Imagine an exclusive place where you and your soul mate can share private moments together while melting away the cares of the day. The Dupree Bay is the most luxurious two-seater hot tub ever created. Beneath the sight and sounds of its exquisite beauty, lies a powerful, high performance hydrotherapy machine.


Lotus Bay
Inspired by the Asian water lily, the Lotus Bay is known for delicate beauty, subtle curves and its peaceful sounds of a babbling brook. Plus the warm romantic glow of its unique lighting system will soothe your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy dual, patented NeckFlex Jet Systems®, Dynamic Massage Sequencer and Tactile Therapy. The Lotus Bay offers an exquisite balance of style and performance.

The @Home Collection

Welcome to the end of the perfect day, soaking in the ultra-relaxing water of your private escape. Listen to the water gliding elegantly through the air before gently slipping into the center of your spa. Welcome home.

Step up. Step in. Start living. D1’s @Home Hot Tubs found the right way to combine affordable enjoyment, luxury and performance. Whether it’s for healing, relaxing, family fun or creating uncompromising intimacy and romance, the @Home Hot Tub does it all.


The Waferer
The versatile Wayfarer hot tub features two distinct therapy seats. A deep, powerful therapy massage “for him,” which features our patented NeckFlex Jet System® and provides the ultimate in comfort for a wide range of users. And “for her,” there’s the not-so-deep ultra-comfortable therapy seat that offers a more subtle massage plus shoulder-top jets that target her aching shoulder muscles.


The Meridian boasts the best performance in its class with healing hydrotherapy jets and a powerful whirlpool jet. It’s backyard entertaining at its finest!


As the companion model for Meridian, the Latitude is a lounger refined with ultimate comfort in mind. Sit back and relax in the UltraLounge therapy seat, and let your mind unwind to the sounds of the backlit cascade waterfall and optional audio system for the perfect after-party escape.


D1’s Dream is simply one of the best value-priced hot tubs ever produced! Offering triple-layer, 100% closed-cell foam insulation, this gem also offers 31 massage jets, a beautiful and adjustable waterfall, a super-relaxing High-Performance Lounge and other amenities and options that competitors only wish they could provide.


Sojourn delivers the ultimate in comfort and performance, so sit back and enjoy its 42 jets and countless massage variations. Whether relaxing alone in this 4-corner seating spa, entertaining friends or spending time with family, the Sojourn will ensure a fun and relaxing environment that everyone will enjoy.


Reminiscent of the original, barrel-style hot tubs, the Journey can entertain up to 4 guests in this barrier-free seating design, featuring incredibly strong jet hydraulics, 120V conversion and a new whirpool diverter jet.


Serenade’s small size belies the big massage to be found within! It comfortably seats three and features roomy semi-contoured, multi-level seating next to the head-to-toe therapy of the NFJ® equipped UltraLounge®. Serenade boasts two powerful massage jets in the NeckFlex Jet System®, D1’s patented neck and shoulders massage system not offered by any other hot tub maker!

The Reflections Collection

For more than 30 years Dimension One Spas has harnessed the healing power of water to improve your well-being through our highly innovative methods and technologies.

Our legacy of innovation and quality, combined with the advanced engineering and the science of Hydronomics, makes our Reflections line the classic showcase as the preeminent leader in your personal relaxation. D1 Reflections line showcases the heritage of thinking and design that made D1 the leader in the spa industry.


It’s no wonder that the Chairman continues to be a best seller, year after year. This Reflections’ flagship spa comes fully loaded with exclusive features such as the UltraLounge® with a programmable Dynamic Massage Sequencer, three patented NeckFlex Jet Systems®, two powerful massage jet pumps. It has magnificent jets massage action, and contoured, multi-level seating.


With a High-Performance Lounge for her and a High-Performance Lounge for him, there will be no more fighting for the best seat in the hot tub! The Diplomat offers seating for five, including a SportZone seat and a pair of patented NeckFlex Jet Pillows.


Relax in this aquatic haven that seats up to seven adults and accommodates people of varying heights. Equipped with two NeckFlex Jet Systems®, “His and Her” High-Performance Seats, and a SportsZone Seat®, the Nautilus is sure to loosen and relax the most worn out muscles.


The Californian will seat up to 6 people with multilevel, barrier-free seating and a High-Performance Lounge. Brand new features found in this model include the optional Stereo and Liquid FX that add a unique audio-visual dimension to your hydrotherapy experience.


Nautique’s incredibly pleasing aesthetics are matched only by its functional brilliance! It comfortably seats six and features roomy semi-contoured, barrier-free, multi-level seating. Best of all, it includes four factory-installed NeckFlex Jet Systems®. D1’s patented neck and shoulders massage system not offered by any other hot tub maker! “Nautique” also features 45 bliss-inducing Accent Ring massage jets.


The Aurora is a sophisticated spa that will dazzle you! There’s contoured seating all around, promoting proper body positioning, and the amazing UltraLounge.


The Seville offers an ultra-advanced High-Performance Lounge with the patented NeckFlex Jet Systems® and barrier-free seating for up to five people. 41 jets and a powerful massage jet pump make for an exceptional hydrotherapy experience.


Triad II
The Triad II is the perfect hot tub for those who demand high performance in a compact package. Immerse yourself in total head-to-toe therapy in the UltraLounge® featuring the patented NeckFlex Jet System®.



Reminiscent of the original, barrel-style hot tubs, the Arena awakens a youthful nostalgia in all of us. Entertain up to seven guests in this classic barrier-free seating design, featuring ceramic tile accents, spacious foot well, and two authentic Typhoon jets.