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How do I know when it is time to replace the vinyl liner in my pool.

Many of us love going out into the backyard and gazing at our beautiful pool. However there comes a time for every pool owner when their pool no longer looks like new or has issues. A pool liner will not last forever. Being in this industry for over 40 years we are happy to report that some of our customers have not had to replace their liner for over 25 years, typically this is not the case for most of people because materials have changed over the years due to EPA restrictions so a typical liner will now last 12-16 years. There are many reasons why your pool liner may need to be replaced. Listed below are the Top 5 Reasons to call your pool professional and have your Vinyl Liner Inspected or Replaced.

1. Pool Water Loss/Leak – If you go outside and notice your water has drained from your pool and is stopped at a certain level chances are you have a leak. Over time liners can develop holes or someone swimming in or cleaning the pool can accidentally puncture the liner causing a leak. A pressure test is usually done to eliminate the possibility that there is a crack in any of the lines of the pool. A dye test is done around the perimeter of the pool waterline where the water has stopped at to determine a leak. Often a liner can be patched if it is a small hole and the liner will not have to be replaced. However if the pool liner is older or continues to loose water the liner will have to be replaced.

2. Cracking and Tearing – The sun, chemicals, harsh weather conditions can all cause damage to a pool liner. A liner can easily become brittle and can crack or tear. This usually does not become a problem until the liner is over 10 years old unless chemicals are not balanced or the pool goes for periods of no water in the pool. Dry Rot can occur and the pool liner will crack or tear especially if the liner has slipped out of it’s coping and an attempt is made to pull and snap the liner back in.

3. Fading or Staining – Over the years exposure to chemicals, organic materials and the sun can cause a liner to fade or stain. When the pool is located in full sun it helps keep the water warm but also causes colors to fade and patterns to look dull old. Poor water maintenance can cause damage and adding large quantities of chemicals without following instructions can bleach or stain a liner. Improper balancing can cause acidic water conditions that can damage and strip pool equipment. Stripping connection pipes can cause a chemical reaction and your liner may become stained because of this. Minerals are also found in well water that can cause discoloration and staining to the liner if not removed from the water. In addition some chemical brands available contain additives and when mixed a chemical reaction can occur causing stains.

4. Wrinkles – Sometimes the water levels will rise underneath the pool causing a liner to float. You will see bubbles and when the water table goes down the liner will sit back in place. This issue will cause the liner to wrinkle as it settles back onto the vermiculite or walls. Often the water condition is not present when the pool is being built so there is no dewatering done at time of construction. The change of topography around the pool and a yard can cause water to drain towards the pool elevating the water table and resulting in a floating liner and wrinkles. If this is the case a liner can be reset if newer or replaced if older and the water condition taken care to ensure a rising water table does not cause the liner to float again.

5. Updated Look – Styles and designs change, improvements in technology, materials and printing have introduced new unique modern looking liners. Some customers want to freshen up their backyard with a new look. Even though the liner maybe in good shape and not have any issues some customers just want something beautiful that may not have been available when their pool was built. New technology has produced liners that have a 3D effect and the tile borders look as if they are real. Some customers decide to add a step or bench and change their liner at the same time. Popular colors, mosaic styles, natural looking stone borders are all being introduced into the marketplace and inspiring customers to replace their liners in order to update or restyle their inground vinyl liner pool.

No matter what the reason is for you to replace your liner it is important that you contact a pool professional with experience to properly measure and give you a written estimate for the work to be done. A proper fit is imperative and can be achieved with the correct measurements. Ensure that the company is reputable and a member of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

The best time to replace your liner is in the Spring or Fall. The water will have to be drained and the liner replaced and the pool filled and balanced. The process typically takes a few days however the liner does need to be manufactured to your specific pool measurements and this can take 10-20 days depending on the time of year. If you see any of the above conditions it is a good idea to seek an estimate so that you know what to budget for. A typical liner replacement will cost $2500 – $3000. The price will depend on the size and shape of the pool and the condition of the pool once the liner is removed. If bottom has to be redone the cost will be greater. We have been partnering with a local liner manufacturing for 30 years to provide our customers quality products and exceptional craftsmanship. If you are thinking about redesigning your pool a new liner can transform your pool into a magnificent oasis, it is important to get an estimate so that when the time is right you can make the decision that is best for you.