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Replacement Liners

Durable Pool Replacement Liners in NJ

At Nicholas Pools, we will replace your old, faded vinyl pool liner with a long lasting, durable, new vinyl liner.

Choosing a replacement liner for your New Jersey pool is an important decision that affects the safety of your pool. Our premier vinyl liners offer a variety of patterns to suit every pool and will provide years of backyard enjoyment for you and your family.

Our replacement pool liners are beautiful and strong. Our wide selection of beautiful liner designs are made from superior virgin vinyl material that is treated with all climate stabilizers, UV inhibitors and biocides to prevent mold, mildew, and fungus. Npt, Premier and Dover Vinyl liners are tested to the highest standards to withstand the sever temperature fluctuations of the North East to protect your investment against the freezing and thawing cycles. Raw materials testing and both seam and bead tests are performed.

Our liners are custom cut by advanced digital cutting computers and machinery to ensure a perfect fit and come with pro-rated warranties. Nicholas Pools warranties all labor and material so you can be confident that you will receive the best workmanship and locally manufactured materials available in the industry. Quality, fit and customer service are included with every installation.

The strongest seams you’ll NEVER see!

One common issue with pool vinyl liners are the visible floor seams that detract from the look of the pool. Latham Pool Products innovation has produced an entirely new category of vinyl liner. Our exclusive Ultra Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. Weather your customer is purchasing a new pool or wants to replace their current liner, Latham liners with Ultra-Seam have the strongest seams you’ll never see! Ultra-seam is now standard on all liners manufactured by Latham at no additional cost.

We’re ready when you are. With Latham Pool Products liner orders are always ready when the builder is ready to install. With multiple, strategically located manufacturing facilities in Canada and the US, we offer the fastest turnaround of liners in the industry. Our goal is to ship in three days once we receive a clean order. Having multiple manufacturing locations also results in lower shipping costs.

More choices, more exclusives. Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs the majority of which are created by our ream of designers and are exclusive to us. From a rustic stone look to uniquely modern geometric and mosaic designs you will be sure to find a distinctive pattern that will delight every homeowner and greatly enhance the look and value of every pool.

For more information on Ultra-Seam liners, as well as Latham’s ultimate quality vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, safety pool covers and pool components, contact us or call 732-505-0404