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Pool Renovations

pool_renovationNothing improves the look and feeling of your backyard then a gorgeous pool and deck area. A new pool, if done correctly, will provide decades of enjoyment for friends and family.

A damaged, cracked, or neglected pool can be brought back to life with the proper attention and many times the cost is less than you might think.

Nicholas Pools has been building both new inground pools and renovating existing pools for over 50 years! As a family owned and operated business, we love what we do and our experience has been passed down generation to generation.

Our technicians are certified professionals and experienced with all types of pool equipment and renovation situations.

When do you renovate or restore an inground pool and when do you simply destroy the old one and build a new pool?

renovateIt really comes down to the cost for the customer. When the cost of renovating a pool or restoring a pool to its original integrity exceeds the cost of demolition and starting fresh, we generally recommend starting from scratch.

However, it takes years of experience to know this answer upfront and not waste valuable time and money figuring this out on the job. It is important to choose a company that has literally seen every type of pool and condition. We will protect your budget by not guessing, but rather by knowing!

With a renovation job, a complete re-do is required. It is a project that involves tailoring the pool to your specific site, including taking into consideration, terrain, tree elements, drainage and all structural architecture, and complying with your specific needs and desires. No two restoration jobs are ever alike and therefore a team like ours, with years of experience, is best suited for these extensive ventures.

Whether a new inground pool is desired, a restoration, or you would like us to help you make a determination, your project should actually be and enjoyable and exciting experience. Where it can go south in a hurry is if you don’t have knowledgable assistance and poor decisions are made. Many projects that come our way are cleaning up these kinds of decisions. We hope you reach out to us first!

renovate1The objective to every project should be to create an aesthetic that stands out in its environment. Many older pools that were designed in the 70s and 80s were built with average-grade materials which were rather lackluster to begin with. Over time, these materials become weather-beaten and even less attractive.

Replacing your pool liner and adding new features like steps, benches, waterfalls and firepots can make an otherwise ordinary pool look extraordinary without having to go through the complications and exorbitant expenses that a complete renovation would entail.

Safety First when it comes to Swimming Pool Safety Requirements and Building Codes.

Years ago, it was discovered that the powerful suction of pool drains could be fatal if a child got to close to the drain and was sucked into its force. New codes have been written and now 2 drains are required in every pool to reduce the suction force. This is just one of many examples of how pool renovation and restoration can be benefit your family.

In addition to renovating the pool, many clients are now updating their pool equipment by adding new technology like energy efficient pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems and even control systems that can be operated using smart phones.

As a home owner, an important component of swimming pool restoration is bringing plumbing, electrical systems and safety systems up to code. As you can see, knowledge and experience to understand, identify, and find solutions is critical. Nicholas Pools provides free on-site evaluations and consultations. Contact us today to schedule yours.