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Why you need a Hot Tub!

There comes a day when you decide that it is time to focus on the well being of yourself and your family. One of the most valuable investments you can make to help begin healing your mind, body and spirit is a Hot Tub. We all work hard and as we age our body begins to show signs of wear and tear. Taking time off to go on vacation is great
but often we take a week or two to go away and then spend the rest of the year reminiscing about it. Can you imagine having a place to relax just a few steps away from your door? A Hot Tub can rejuvenate your
body, destress your mind and rekindle your spirit, overall change your life. Below are 5 reasons why you need a Hot Tub followed by 5 things you should be considering when choosing a Hot Tub.

1. Health and Wellness: Hydrotherapy is used for pain relief and stress reduction the warm water helps to increase blood flow throughout your body targeting muscles and assisting to reduce inflammation, and pressure on your joints. Much like a massage the jets target stress points helping to release tension and toxins in your body. Many people suffering from muscle aches, headaches and arthritis find that the soothing jets aids the body’s circulation system and helps to relax muscles and joints giving you more restful sleep, lower blood pressure and many other health benefits.

2. Lifestyle: A Hot Tub offers a private retreat and fun center for you to escape to. Some Spas can also be fitted with exercise equipment to create a place to not only relax and clear your mind, but also have fun while staying fit. The water makes you buoyant and pressure can easily be taken off the joints to exercise. Slip into the Hot Tub with some soft lighting and relax as the warm soft bubbles soothe away the stress and drama of the day to help you focus on your wellbeing, and the importance of life. Date night will never be the same again! Enhance your lifestyle with a
Hot Tub to escape to.

3. Year Round Use: A Hot Tub unlike a swimming pool can be used year round. Many people like to keep their Spa operational in the winter. Snow does not stop the enjoyment of a Hot Tub. The warm water is kept heated at a constant temperature and a thick insulated cover keeps the warmth from escaping. A thick robe and some slippers allow you to brave the outdoors in the winter months and slip into your private retreat and enjoy the Hot Tub’s
benefits. Some people prefer to winterize their Spa, but being able to enjoy a Hot Tub throughout the year is certainly a reason to invest in one.

4. Low Cost and Maintenance: Hot Tubs are constructed with materials that help to retain heat and are insulated with foam and topped with a thick hard cover to help keep the temperature hot throughout the year. Small circulation pumps and timers are used to keep costs down. Electric typically costs $10-$15 per month depending on the size of the Hot Tub. Chemical use is also kept to a minimum with chemical feeders. The maintenance of a Hot Tub is easier and more cost effective than a swimming pool.

5. Reconnection with Family and Friends: A stylish Hot Tub can make after dinner entertainment a whole lot more fun! The ability to sit in the Hot Tub with family and friends year round enjoying the tantalizing massage of warm water while you explore the fine art of conversation will help you reconnect with those closest to you. Friends will enjoy chatting and exchanging good dialogue. Everyone will sleep better and feel a sense of renewal after soaking in a Hot Tub with those closest to you.

Once the decision to buy a Hot Tub is made there are several factors to consider so that you purchase the best Spa for your needs. Think about the following before buying:

1. Space: Where will you be putting the spa? How large of a space to do you have available? Are there any township
setbacks you need to consider? You will need a level area to put the spa, most people will pour a concrete pad to
accommodate the Hot Tub. What about delivery? Is the Spa going on a Deck? Does it have to get through a gate?

2. Style & Use: Think about how many people on average will be using the Hot Tub. Also consider if you want all upright seating or a lounge. The height of the seating in the Hot Tub is important especially when you have several people of varying heights using the Spa. If the spa is used for hydrotherapy you want to make sure it is powerful and has enough jets to accomplish the therapy you are looking for.

3. Service: A warranty is important and a dealer with an in house service department is necessary to keep your spa running at optimum levels. You want to be able to speak to someone locally who can help you take care of any issues that may arise and quickly schedule a service call if needed. You also want a Hot Tub that is built to last with a good warranty. Full foam helps insulate and keep the water warm as well as hold parts in place so that the pressure of the water circulating throughout the Hot Tub does not cause issues. A tapered hard locking cover is also important to keep the elements out of your Spa.

4. Maintenance: A clean Spa is important. You will need to spend a few minutes a week adjusting chemicals. An Ozonator burns bacteria as the water passes through it helping to keep the Hot Tub clean while using less chemicals. Other natural mineral sanitizers are also used to sanitize the Spa. A timer on the Spa is important to so that a pump can come on and circulate and filter the water so that it is clean and ready for you to use when you are ready to do so. Many spas now have small circulating pumps that make maintenance easy and cost efficient.

5. Budget: If you have a certain budget in mind you need to consider that there will be the cost of the Hot Tub, a cement pad, electrical hook up and permits to add to the total. Many people do not realize that a spa and all that it needs can add up. It is worth the investment to purchase a Hot Tub from a local dealer with an inhouse service crew and store front. Take the time to do your research about not only the Hot Tub you want to buy but also the dealer you will be purchasing the Spa from. Many dealers will not service Spas they did not sell so you do not want to purchase a Hot Tub and not have support.

There are so many options and styles to choose from. Dimension One Spas has many models to choose from and Nicholas Pools has partnered with them for over ten years. D-1 has stylish designs with all the functions needed to fulfill different requirements. Take your time and consider all the facts and when you are comfortable with the Hot

Tub brand and dealer you will be working with make the investment that will give you many years of relaxation and enjoyment.